JASIA Asian Kitchen & Sushi Bar

JASIA Asian Kitchen & Sushi Bar

The restaurant is located in Old Jaffa, at the entrance to Jaffa Port, in an ancient stone building which was abandoned for a long time. As part of the renovation, the original stone wall and arches were exposed by the entrance door. These elements were restored and the restaurant’s design is meant to highlight them.

The combination of Jaffa and Asia inspired the name of the restaurant.This is reflected in the menu, and in design elements that shape the space, such as the laser-cut railing, inspired by tropical plant. The chairs are made of natural materials in warm shades such as straw, wood and bamboo, with Asian influences. Alongside them are heavy wooden poles, used for the counter and light fixtures, while ropes and hooks touch upon sailing and fishing that characterize the port of Jaffa.

Photo: Dima Shapira


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